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Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. From the wonderful views of the eternal city, to the narrow streets of the old town, every corner and every street hiding splendid views of the city, between modernity and past, in a combination that only Rome can offer.
In recent years the craft beer movement growed in Italy, and Rome, capital of Italy, is also considered the capital of the Italian craft beer movement.
Pubs, beershop, restaurants, are now present in every neighborhood of Rome, and the level achieved by these structures give you the opportunity to find beers of excellent quality, from all over the world, but also with a special attention to Italian products.
If you intend to organize a tour to Rome, to discover the Italian craft beer, the Rome Craft Beer Tour organized by BeerTravels is the right tour for you!!!
By providing you different routes with different price ranges, we give you the opportunity to discover Rome and all that revolves around the world of Italian craft beers.
Beer experts will accompany you during the tour, guiding you to a locations outside from the tourist routes, giving you the opportunity to discover places and beers unknown to most of the tourist guides.
Since more years BeerTravels organizes trips and events related to the craft beer, and now our name is a guarantee.
If you're looking for a tour of the sights of the Eternal City, and the Italian craft beer, we are here for you.
Take a look at our programs and choose what you prefer; every program is easily modifiable to suit your needs
TOUR TRASTEVERE (to be confirmed)
Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fa, Bir&Fud, Open Baladin, No.Au
TOUR TRASTEVERE PLUS (to be confirmed)
Birrifugio, Brasserie 4:20, Luppolo Station, Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fa, Bir&Fud, Open Baladin, No.Au
TOUR OSTIENSE (to be confirmed)
Eataly, Mastro Titta, Bibere Bistrot, Stavio, Buskers Pub
TOUR PIGNETO + SAN LORENZO (to be confirmed)
Luppolo 12, Serpente, Birstrò, birra+
TOUR SAN GIOVANNI (to be confirmed)
Off Licens, Gradi Plato, Maltese, Epiro
The Rome Craft Beer Tour is entirely editable to suit your needs and requirements.
You can build your experience by adding or deleting services.
The activities that you can choose from are:
- Visit a brewery
- Beers tasting from a brewery
- Technical tasting experience (the tasting can be chose by style of beer, origin, or other characteristics you prefer).
- Pub's tour. The tour includes a visit en a beer in every pub. The pub's number can vary from 2 to 6
- Lunch or dinner, with special menu with food and beer
- Aperitif with beer
- Private mini bus
- Transport to and from the beer's festival
Other doubts about the Rome Craft Beer Tour?
Here's the FAQ with all the answers.
What is the Rome Craft Beer Tour?
The Rome Craft Beer Tour is a tour organized by BeerTravels, through the roman craft beer place. You will be accompanied by our staff to discover the craft beer movement in Rome, with the opportunity to know the publican and try the best craft beers, from italy and from all the world..
How much does it cost?
The cost for the Rome Craft Beer Tour is not fixed, but varies depending on the tour and the activities that you choose. Every tour is different, price, duration, number of places visited and drinks.
What include the tour?
The tour, according to your requirements and preferences can include different types of activities, such as visits to breweries, tastings, visits of the pubs, lunches, dinners, etc.
In addition you will always have a personal guide who will advise you in the selection of beers, and answers to all your questions about styles, characteristics and history of each type of beer.
Where is the tour?
The Rome Craft Beer Tour is held in Rome, and is organized according to your needs; normally it structured to areas (except special requests) and you will arrive at the places without wasting time on long journeys.
How we can move between pubs?
All the shifts will be made in order to give you the chance to drink without worrying about driving. The clubs will be reached on foot, by public transport, or if necessary by private bus (mini bus), provided by BeerTravels.
Is it possible eat?
Yes absolutely. As mentioned previously, the tour package is fully editable; you can choice a lunch, an aperitif, or a dinner on the clubs.
How much people can partecipate to te tour?
The Rome Craft Beer Tour is for a minimum of five to a maximum of twenty people.
Why should I choose your tour?
The years of experience in the world of craft beer have allowed us to establish a relationship of trust with brewers, publican and professionals, who have chosen to collaborate with us, offering us their services at lower prices and reserving more attention.
For any other doubt, request, or information you can write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 00393286214937

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